Weekly Link Round Up

The weekly link roundup is a collection of links related to Newburgh, revitalization, urban planning and anything else that might inspire change or create dialogue. Photo by Newburgh photographer Brian Wolfe. “Night shot of the steam generator passing under the Newburgh Beacon Bridge, Newburgh Waterfront, passing by Bannerman’s island and on to Cold Spring. * million pounds, 130 feet tall”

Can a City Be Compassionate? [CL]
Newburgh chess club reopens to encourage kids [THR]
City of Newburgh PD Goes Live with ShotSpotter [HVNN]
845 Life: Cher Vick’s blog shares a bright vision of Newburgh [THR]

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  • ‘Stand with Charlottesville’? What we’re witnessing are “leaders” playing identity politics because they’ve failed for decades on delivering a successful ‘equitable’ economic policy, juxtaposed by an apathetic public that has all but given up its sovereignty. Says the mayor “…going back all the way to pre-natal care, and that’s where the problem starts.” Agree, a community of two parent households is more apt in “creating inclusive growth” in a community than a co-oped piece of legislation. Instead, the school system plays the arm chair surrogate father doing its best to ‘educate’ compassion. Btw, this white guy isn’t going to apologize for being… white, just as I don’t expect any of my neighbors to apologize for the crime that happens in Newburgh…and last I asked they don’t expect my sympathy either. Nice try though on the subtle divide and conquer thingy. Anyway, as for the ‘confederacy’ narrative, apparently history is indeed forgotten. The main crux underlining the civil war was the taxation the ‘union’ was looking to impose on the exported agricultural commodities coming out of the south. But that’s not much of a sales pitch for the debt slavery through taxation to be ensued. Fast forward…economic policy determined that blue collar jobs be outsourced. Simply put, there isn’t enough skill related jobs to go around now. The U.S. has the most college educated population in its history yet there are 94 million people without jobs. Is that a result of economic policy, a moral hazard or both? As per Kentucky, they’ve lost thousands of jobs related to the coal industry, ranking the state as having one of the lowest incomes per capita in the U.S.. In order to help employ those who were not among the ‘500 coder graduates’ (and many who are), Kentucky passed ‘right to work’ and repealed ‘prevailing wages’ earlier this year. Equitable? But let’s not get focus on all that. It’s those damn ‘terrists’, leftists, rightists, opiates and, now, inanimate confederates pulling at our moral fabric. Just sign this “Charter for Compassion” and it’s all good, critical thinkers need not apply. Well, identity, dignity and compassion can’t be outsourced, no matter what they want you to buy into (figuratively and literally). Rather, how about starting with some introspection? Otherwise, as the man warned us…”Render onto Caesar”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWyCCJ6B2WE