Weekly Link Round Up

The weekly link roundup is a collection of links related to Newburgh, revitalization, urban planning and anything else that might inspire change or create dialogue. Photo by Caffe Macchiato.

Newburgh continues renaissance [THR]
Downing Park’s Shelter House – A Cafe is Born [NBNY]
State agency praises decline in Newburgh shootings [MHN]
A Testing Ground for a New Model of Community Engagement in Newburgh [C]
Career-tech center at heart of Newburgh school district’s $198M capital plan [THR]
City of Kalamazoo looks for investors to revitalize blighted areas into affordable housing [WMMT]

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One Comment

  • “Renaissance”. ‘Slight difference, though, in substituting the mid-ages wealth of trade with contemporary tax offsets. Other than that, a general economic recession with a facade of intellect and creativity coaxed by machiavellan politics sounds about right. Overall, not as sustaining of the days of yore, as the city manager will explain to the city on Tuesday (I’ll miss Katie Mack’s unplacated conciseness). The ‘community’ part of the “community partners” (not only as it relates to crime) is being under emphasized in these congratulatory citations. Eventually, civility and collective discretion supersedes a nanny state’s oversight. This transition period is when the ‘opportunity costs’ need to be reevaluated in order to take full advantage of any momentum. The proposed budget expenses by dept. heads that would reduce expenses by a multiple or generate revenue in the proximate future should override the maintenance of others adopted by the city. (imo, Shotspotter serves more as a trend indicator than an affecter of crime, notwithstanding the solving aspect. Further, consider that the city’s crime had been trending down since 2013 before the introduction of s.p.. The City would have benefited more overall had said monies been applied for and to improving its police officer retention rate with competitive salary offerings.) ‘Anti-xyz’ measures should have been and need to be balanced with economic initiatives that make crime and public assistance the least of all options one could have in Newburgh. It would be a shame that Newburgh’s latest run in another “renaissance” be cobbled not by persistent economic recession and crime but by an indoctrination that it still needs to fully fund a nanny state despite indications to the contrary. Stop looking down at your feet Newburgh.
    -It’s great that the school system has expanded its ‘tech center’ field beyond the initial culinary focus. For the past few years both the auto repair and culinary service sectors have seen declines in newly qualified participants and in privately run businesses. Causes are varied and can be specific to or shared by the sectors. What is specific to the auto service sector is the centralization of parts/service by the auto manufacturers and, by proxy, its dealers. As autos become more technology driven, manufacturers are leaning toward a proprietary parts and service model and, as an extension of that, its service personnel. Given that, it’s time municipalities do a rethink on the ‘economic incentives’ (read pilots, etc.) presented to Big business. i.e. “…Contribute to the outfitting and updating of our tech center and in return your guaranteed qualified employees” (this approach shouldn’t be exclusive to the extent of hindering private business participation). If not, new grads will be migrating out of state where there newly acquired capital is appreciated. Couple that with the retiring boomers and Big Corporate and their host states thank you in advance NECSD. There’s a saying that you’re not in a position to negotiate when your hungry. The economic incentives still in play by our regional ptb’s communicate “we’re hungry” despite the ‘remaining strong’ media narrative… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTFvAvsHC_Y