Movie Being Filmed in Newburgh, A Scottish Play

NYC or Newburgh? If you were at the corner of Liberty and Washington Street yesterday you might have been confused. New movie, A Scottish Play, was being filmed at Caffe Macchiato as it had an “NYC cafe vibe”. They’ll be filming in and around Newburgh for the next month.

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  • Newburgh is in fact a great city set and should be marketed more for this purpose and could be a revenue stream while still being more affordable..way more..then shooting in NYC. That said I’m glad that this is happening here

    • More like marketed “correctly”. The secret of the ‘City of Newburgh’ is obviously out and Newburgh is pricing itself short. Or, maybe it’s being sold short. Again, taxpayer $’s to spur demand has sent the message that we’re hungry, giving the perception that Newburgh, in this case, is no position to negotiate a better deal for itself. Fact is, Newburgh can double it’s fees and the ‘illusion industry’ wouldn’t blink as the cost advantage would still exist (they’ll be theatrics, it’s what they do for a living). Cher recently posted an article regarding a successful free ‘film boot camp’ in Newburgh that teaches “in a couple of “days what would probably take someone a whole semester to learn”. Sounds great, yes? Yet, how do Newburgh’s leaders respond? They want to expense a new school curriculum specifically designed to cater to the film industry. Again, they’re being told that there is already a successful, free of charge program currently up and running. Ghetto rich initiatives have practically bankrupted the ‘City. I commented in the past about creeping down that ‘private/public partnership’ rabbit hole, especially given the duality of positions held by its lead explorers. Breach the tax cap and they’ll be a huge sucking sound from Newburgh’s economy as, aside from a levy increase, thousands of tax relief checks are forfeited to the state. I previously commented that Newburgh residents were going to pay for its water issue, voila. Newburgh’s oversight bean counters thank you in advance. There’s a lot more theatrics going on aside from Liberty Street…“here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that.”

  • Does anyone know who the production company is on this? Curious if they hired any locals or are simply shooting in the area.