Before and After: 183 Liberty Street

I took the first picture of 183 Liberty in 2011. Here’s a photo from 2009. I had been photographing it over the years. All really seemed lost with this property until it became apparent that someone had taken a chance on 183 Liberty Street last year. They stripped away all the paint, rebuilt the front porch, added new windows, and that was only the beginning. The interior was completely gutted as you can see in this old real estate blog post. There wasn’t much left to save other than the front door and the interior staircase.

Today there are 4 beautiful apartments, complete with amenities. Honestly, you never imagined the building could be so posh. It is an appreciated change for northern Liberty Street. Neighboring buildings have also undergone rehabilitation and there are more destination worthy businesses to visit such as the Holland Tunnel Gallery (back yard neighbor) and the pop-up restaurant Lodger (we hope you get the codes situation fixed!).

They will be having an open house this Saturday for the public April 6 10:30 am-3:30 pm. You can also follow them on Instagram @183libertystreet

One last look because this was so good:

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