The Green Room

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New York City had places like the Copacabana and the Cotton Club. Newburgh had the Green Room. It was the place to go to in Newburgh’s heyday, all the way up to the 1960’s. Located underneath the Ritz Theater, the Green Room was used for weddings, birthdays, parties, conferences-you name it. It is also rumored that a few bigwigs partied there as well.

The Green Room went through all kinds of interior design phases through the decades. When Safe Harbors of the Hudson acquired the Green Room, it got a makeover. Floor boards were lifted that revealed the original green terrazzo floors. Today the Green Room is a fully functioning event space with a capacity for 250 people and a functioning kitchen. Click here for rental information.

One of the exciting things about the Green Room is all of the history everyone shares there. Joyce W Schoenberger mentioned that the Green Room was the “in place to have weddings…the food was from their kitchens and was very good. The music was from a band called Ward Harrison and they were great. We always had our Block N dinners from NFA and many famous sport figures would attend. Stanley Levinson always supported all the Newburgh teams also. It was a great time in the city. I hope it can return.” Joyce also had her own wedding reception there, 50 years ago Sept. 10th, 1960.

Grampy J Wilson remembered, “my parents and my older sister attended many functions there, as I recall. In fact, I believe that my Dad’s NFA high school fraternity held a pre-marriage reception for my Mom and him in that venue back in 1925 when it was the ballroom for what was then named the Hotel Plaza. By the 1940’s, the name had changed, and the hotel was operated by the Levinson family.”

Another exciting thing is that SHOH was able to attain many photos of events in the Green Room. Take a look at the collection. But these are some of my favorites.

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