Newburgh Land Bank Moving to Chambers Street

13 and 15 Chambers Street Newburgh NY

The funeral home and apartment building at 13 Chambers Street will soon be home to the Newburgh Land Bank according to a recent THR article. It seems like the commercial space in the front will become the office space, and there are plans for apartments above. There are some excellent guides and websites on the internet if you would like to learn more about what a lank bank does.

This block of Chambers Street between Broadway and First Street has a lot of potential. There are quite a few projects brewing here. It would be an excellent location to rehab some of the many buildings that have been left in disrepair.

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  • I don’t understand exactly why they need an office? Wouldn’t it be better to have it as a low cost virtual location/project? I thought that the idea was to put the money into the properties–not build the Land Bank into another big fat cat financial insitution with utilities, salaries, health benefits, pensions. What about LEAN management practices? Everyone works on a laptop and a cellphone.

    Enlighten me?

  • The Land Bank only needs a small office, but that office is important!

    First, we need an office to secure commercial liability insurance as we recently found out! This is required for almost every single funding source. Second, we need an office to provide space for meetings, which will also serve as classroom space where we will host tenant and home ownership education classes, and make that space available for other community uses as well. We need a place to keep files, documents from sales and acquisitions, etc. and a location from which to manage the many properties that we will be working with. That must all be done form a central location. It would not be appropriate for these types of things to be stored in the homes of virtual workers. When the Land Bank has a formal staff as it grows, it is also important for them to have a space to work together. An organization like the Land Bank needs professional individuals collaborating to make it successful.

    The space at Chambers Street will also have efficient office space that is available for lease to local businesses at a very reasonable cost. There may also be an artist studio space available. There will be three two-bedroom residential units in addition to the office/work space. Our offices will only be a few hundred square feet of the several thousand in the building! We are working on the design right now with a terrific local architect.

  • What a shame. My company had tried to purchase this property when it was at the sealed bid auction last year. Still trying to figure out why the council rejected all bids for this and other properties.The apartments would have already been renovated and rented out. The taxes would be getting paid and the area improved. Seems like another back room deal….