City Launches A River of Opportunities to Attract Light Manufacturing

Atlas industriesc

If you are interested to read a summary of what went down with the “River of Opportunities” campaign that was launched last Wednesday at Atlas Industries to attract light manufacturing to the City, check out this press release:

The City of Newburgh, the Solar Energy Consortium (TSEC) and Orange County Partnership today announced a multi-faceted campaign, “A River of Opportunities,” to attract light manufacturing businesses to the City. The announcement was made at a press conference at Atlas Industries, a formerly Brooklyn-based furniture manufacturing company which moved its operations to Newburgh. The initiative is a coordinated partnership of the City Department of Planning & Development, the Newburgh Industrial Development Agency (IDA), TSEC, and the Orange County Partnership.

Interim City Manager James Slaughter stated, “We regularly receive inquiries from companies and real estate developers about potential sites, and we hope to encourage small to medium size light manufacturing companies, especially those who provide green products or services, to relocate here.”

He added, “When it comes to commercial real estate in the region, particularly in the New York metropolitan area, the City of Newburgh offers several competitive advantages, including substantially lower rents and utilities, and easy access to major roads, rail, and the airport.”

Each of the partners has a specific role in attracting businesses and facilitating their relocation plans. The Department of Planning and Development is contacting owners of warehouse and manufacturing space in the City of Newburgh to create an accurate property list that can be used to match with inquiries. The Orange County Partnership will assist in managing the property data.  The initiative is funded by TSEC through a federal grant to Orange County that is earmarked to the City.

The Newburgh Industrial Development Agency and the Department of Planning and Development will offer incentives to businesses bringing jobs to the City.  The benefits range from sales and use tax abatement from the IDA to various abatements on property improvements.  In addition, the City offers an accelerated review process for permits and reviews.

The strategy will also encourage job growth by offering relocating companies incentives for hiring local residents, including a grant subsidized training program administered by SUNY Orange.

“We believe this campaign will help Newburgh continue to move in the right direction and are very happy to be a part of it,” said Carl Meyer, President/CEO of TSEC. “We’re looking forward to showing companies what the City has to offer.”

Maureen Halahan, President/CEO of the Orange County Partnership stated, “Newburgh has it all: roads, rail, river and runway.  Now with this outstanding initiative in place, the city is positioning itself for new opportunity, job creation and economic vitality.”

Assemblyman Frank Skartados noted, “The “River of Opportunities” initiative is exactly the right step for the City to take, by focusing on jobs. Newburgh has much to offer new employers including an eager workforce and a city that will welcome new businesses.”

Joseph Fratesi, co-owner of Atlas Industries commented, “When we decided to relocate our business, a few criteria drove our decision on where to look. Proximity and ease of access to the city were very important, as was affordable real estate. And we wanted a place that had an industrial heritage to insure that the industries that serve and support other industry were nearby. Newburgh has been amazing. It met and exceeded all of our hopes, and is a great community that we’re thrilled to be a part of.”

Mayor Judy Kennedy thanked TSEC and the Orange County Partnership for their support and assistance, and commented, “With more and more small companies seeking affordable space, Newburgh is a great place to relocate. And what better way to help these companies grow and create jobs for local people.”

Interested owners of commercial real estate brokers are urged to list available buildings and vacant property by contacting contact Bonnie Clemmer at the Department of Planning & Development at (845) 569-9400.