East Parementer Phase 5 Going Up Fast


Just a few weeks ago there were two ditches where these framed houses now stand. Habitat for Humanity is moving fast on this second to last phase of the East Parmenter Neighborhood! For more details, check out the Newburgh Habitat for Humanity Facebook Fanpage.

-Photo from Habitat for Humanity Facebook Fanpage


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  • I know I am not intimately familiar with the work of Habitat and I acknowledge their desire to do what is good, but why are they building more homes? Simple economics and local policy would seem to suggest this is not the best thing to do. Perhaps someone could enlighten me?

    • “simple economics and local policy?”

      The mission of Habitats is to restore communities through homeownership (thus increasing property tax collected by the city)

      Local policy? If by that you mean getting older buildings that are vacant back into usable states, some are beyond repair and some are so old that remediation of the asbestos, lead, etc. costs more than creating a home from the ground up. In addition, Habitat relies on charitable donations (from people like you and me) to help defray the cost of building homes, which are then sold to the participating families at an affordable price and with a mortgage.


      Glad you are really interested in knowing more…Keep looking and asking!

      • I personally feel Habitat does great work and has a great mission. It is unfortunate they are only able to do as much as they can. With that said, my fear is that they are providing what amounts to a drop in the bucket.

        The success of Habitat is directly reliant on many other factors, security jobs, education, et cetera. This is what I meant in regards to simple Economics and policy. However, homeownership does help to better all of these factors. The city needs to do a better job at closing down slum lords and enabling programs like Habitat for Humanity and assisting people in obtains 203K program loans.

        The question that I am left with at the end of the day everytime I look at real estate in places like Newburgh is: Would/Can I move my wife, two young kids and large dog here? The more people can answer yes to that question, the better off Newburgh will be. Sadly, it is still has very far to go. Then again, it is not Rochester or Detroit.