New Shop at 61 Liberty: Stuff


Just got word that a new shop called Stuff, has officially opened at 61 Liberty. According to the owners, Gina and Richie they will be open most afternoons and weekends. So far, they have received a nice reception from the neighborhood. They just want to get people walking on the sidewalk. Right now there’s a variety of tables and chairs being restored and they will be carrying phone accessories. We recently just saw this building when façade work was being done.

It’s really encouraging to see someone taking an interest in opening up a shop further south on Liberty Street. This shop has the potential to bridge the gap between Simple Gifts & Goodies and Jenny’s Floral Shop. The Folk Music Museum is also next door. Word is that the museum almost has all the funding needed to start work. Below Myke refinishing a table at Stuff.


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  • I have that same little table that Myke is restoring.

  • That’s great! Keep the small business alive in Newburgh

  • This is fantastic to see…as new businesses discover Newburgh’s artistic and eclectic Liberty Street commercial strip. VERY BEST of luck to them. A great spot in the up-n-coming Warehouse district of Liberty Street (they have great company there with Atlas Instustries, Thornwillow Press, And with both the goregous showrooms (open to the public) for RIM Plumbing and heating AND the Granite Factory showroom too!

  • I always thought that storefront had so much potential! I am glad it is being fulfilled.