Constellation Art Project Planned for Bannerman Island

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 5.37.33 PM

Imagine seeing floating stars hovering above Bannerman Island! That is the plan for a new art installation by Melissa McGill that will hopefully bring revitalization to the island as well as attract people from surrounding areas to gaze upon her creation. This will look beautiful from Newburgh’s waterfront and rooftops. We can’t wait to see this project pan out. For more details you can check out Melissa’s website or see the video below.

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  • How extraordinarily beautiful, Melissa! And to paraphrase Sarah Palin, “I’ll be able to see Constellation from my house!”–as will many of us Newburghers. And, inadvertently perhaps, what a wonderful complement to Newburgh’s Light Bulb project. Eventually, maybe you can hook up with MoMA and do a constellation calendar, much like their annual moon calendar. In advance and with enormous anticipation–thank you!

  • This could be very cool. I do hope that the integrity of the daytime photos are not lost. I am excited to see it in action though. If it helps to preserve the property that would be sweet. All the best!!

  • I’m all for it as long as it doesn’t confuse the birds 🙂

    The short film is very nicely done and worth watching. I hope the project does bring some positive attention to the area!