Columbia University Site Visit


Yesterday, the Columbia University Urban Design Studio came to visit Newburgh for their very first site visit at the Railroad Playhouse / Just Off Broadway Theater located at the former West Shore Train Station. The Les Misérables theater set certainly created an interesting setting. During this visit 49 students and faculty attended a meeting with stakeholders in which introductions were made, presentations were given, and workshops were held. Students also embarked on a tour of the city by foot and by bus. As observer noted,

“We saw a bunch of students from a white bus and the next thing we knew they were taking pictures of our building. Well…. My husband was looking out of the building and saw them and invited them in. They were Columbia students. Urban planning class !They seems to be fascinated for the fact how anybody would come in here in this condition of the city.”

It really is such an honor to have Columbia in Newburgh for their Fall Urban Design Studio as Newburgh is the smallest city they have ever used for a studio. If you want to keep up with what students are doing check out  all over social media to see their posts. We are so excited to have you!





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