Atlas Industries Closes on 67 Liberty


If you have been wondering when the Folk Music Hall of Fame was coming to Newburgh, you can stop because it’s not. After many attempts to get funding to create a folk music museum in this vacant shell on Liberty Street, the owners have thrown in the towel. This property abuts Atlas Industries who just closed on the property back in August. They have a few plans in mind, some of which include opening up the space to their property and creating a temporary retail space.

We finally might start seeing more development happening to the southern commercial corridor of Liberty Street which is definitely needed on this end.

-Photo by NR flickr user Brian Wolfe.

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  • I always assumed the owner was calling it “a museum” in order to be exempt from taxes. This doesn’t surprise me. There was no grassroots advocacy like most budding efforts to form a new museum.

    • I ran into a friend of the person who was trying to start this and I believe that it was at least at one time an honest effort to house some real folk music artifacts and memorabilia in a museum. Not every effort results in what was originally planned and the spector of failure should never detour people from making an effort. The success of many efforts is due to luck and serendepity. In any case, it is a good thing that something new is happening!
      I don’t think that “the Land Bank crew” is in the same league. Like every bank, they are a middle man. Like every bank, they are limited in what they can accomplish but doing something is better than doing nothing when the historic buildings of the City of Newburgh are crumbling. Another Winter is here and Winter here is very hard on these buildings esp when they are not occupied. If the Land Bank can save some of them–I say good! Private money will have to save the rest and the more the buildings that are wrecked by time and the elements, the harder that becomes.
      It is a battle on all fronts and the objectives of the soldiers fighting the battle are not as important as long as we end up with preservation of the city’s historical treasure.

      • Did your friend also know about the Firefighters Museum by the same party that was proposed years before for the building next door? If it was an honest effort why weren’t contributions to it going to a non-profit or at least a fiscal sponsor? BTW, where is the money that was raised? Again all I suggest is doing a little research before blindly trusting a bunch of people who have not done anything to gain that trust. Something is not better than nothing if the money is not being spent effectively. With over $4million in their pot now, the Land Bank has yet to do anything but improve a building on Chambers Street, put up a website, sold two buildings and paid salaries. Meanwhile the city has blindly handed them a number of properties without any track record. If this isn’t par for the course of past failed ventures in this city, then what’s the threshold now? All I’ve heard from defenders is “wait and see”. Been there, done that. Just like the rest of the non-profits here, their salaried employees would have nothing to do with Newburgh otherwise.

  • Couldn’t have fallen into better hands. I feel bad for the people this guy used to prop up his ruse. A review of recent history and his proposed “fireman’s museum” less than ten years ago would have clued people in. There are flakes that pass through this city all the time, just look at the Land Bank crew. But don’t take my word for it. Do a little research.

  • Folks, to the left of the museum at 61 Liberty theres a new business in my building. It has been open since spring. A &O Beauty Salon it would be nice if Cher would promote people crossing spring street and exploring down the block. After all you cant help a neighborhood if you don’t walk there.

    • I think you have me confused with a PR firm that works for the City of Newburgh. I am not, and I am not going to be bullied or shamed on my own blog to promote businesses. If your tenant had a solid business plan they would be contacting me themselves.

      • I am sorry if i came off like a jerk, We both want the same for the city. I think it is great what you do here. I have been doing my best as a landlord to make it nicer down the street, it is has not been easy as a novice landlord. That is why i was harping on it, i do not want to be considered “that part” of the city anymore. I love my property!! Have a great day