Progress at 69 Liberty Street


Liberty Street south of Spring Street might not be considered as progressive as the northern side, especially in terms of commercial development. Part of this reason is that between Spring and South William there are more residential buildings, and there is an empty lot that disconnects Liberty Street. Most of the buildings here are in disrepair and overall give the impression of lack of investment.

We know that 67 Liberty Street was bought by Atlas Industries, 71 Liberty has a new owner and a new business, and now we see new progress at 69 Liberty Street. I have been told many times that this building has structural issues. It is encouraging to see that the storefront has been restored and work has been reported on the building. Hopefully this is enough to address the problems it had earlier. This storefront has been an abandoned eyesore for quite some time. The new transparent facade is progress, although I am curious why the windows are so small.

Uncovered was an original tiled entryway “Ushman’s”. Does anyone remember this store and what they used to sell? With all the activity that is happening over at Atlas, it was only a matter of time 69 Liberty would see some attention. Now the question remains, what are the plans for this for the entire building? And what business would occupy the storefront?



69 Liberty Before:

69 Liberty St Before