Before and After: 292 Liberty Street


This is one of my favorite houses on Liberty Street. It looks like a gingerbread house doesn’t it? It had been vacant for quite some time, and finally a young family from Brooklyn bought it and fixed it up. Here’s one more look at what it looked like before:


The house on the left had missing windows, graffiti and a ton of garbage all around. Today this home sets an example of what the entire block has the potential to look like:


And it doesn’t stop there. Here are a few more photos of what the house used to look like before and after.

Befre and After bathroom

Before and After Bedroom

I really love these before and after photo examples. They show you that with effort, rescuing Newburgh homes is possible one by one. Homeowner occupancy is essential to restore community pride and maintenance of properties. The home next door would be an excellent choice if you would like to rescue your own Newburgh home.


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