Columbia University Site Visit

What a day is was in Newburgh on Saturday! Forty nine students and faculty from Columbia University disbursed throughout 12 sites in the city. I personally could not make it, but I wish I did! The students paid attention to ideas and areas that are dire need of help in the city; everything from the empty waterfront lot to Quassaick Creek, vacant storefronts to urban farms. They thoroughly enjoyed interacting with residents of the city and will now use the conversations they had to create videos and further develop their individual projects for their final presentations. I am sure many of us wish the semester would never end! You have no idea the hope you give!

Here are a few pictures I was sent, but to see even more just check out #CUinNewburgh on social media.

















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  • ‘Definitely was a comfortable vibe in downtown Newburgh Saturday afternoon. If the local think tank @ 83 Broadway is half as cognitive as the CU group is then yes, Cher , there is hope. The relationship mustn’t end with the semester, however, as the ‘City should be compiling its own questionnaire of how it can retain these grads and the like members of their tribe as future residents. Then you’ll see progress as opposed to a shiny new version of the status quo. Nice work by the Lander Street artist, well worth a look.

  • Magnficient work children. What a global team of 49. U guys a the future designers of great cities to be build.

    A the very best

    Vineet Chaudhri
    New Delhi

  • I hope that more Columbia University groups will come.

    I was by chance at Martha on Liberty with 2 young guests in town for the weekend. They were positively impressed with the energy and social connections being demonstrated by the City of Newburgh Community as people came in and out to the exhibits. Lots of people are coming to Newburgh see what is going on……They were going to see DIA but found out that Newburgh was far more unique!

    Great event! I hope our local schools Mt. St Mary and OCCC even NFA will be inspired to do similar happenings…..

    • Nancy, it’s not an easy task to get design studios to choose Newburgh, and there aren’t so many programs around to keep this a regular thing. However, the energy they create is amazing, and it would be great to somehow capture it and keep it going. Like Walt mentioned, we have to figure out how to retain some of these graduates and thinkers as residents. With 2 colleges in the city, there should be a way to attract those students as well.

  • Maybe during the time when our Orange County high school graduates are looking for their college experience for the 2015 September semesters during the open houses at OCCC and Mt St Marys, the City of Newburgh should stage a community event like a COLLEGE DAYS to show how safe and affordable the city is now–so perfect for students. Landlords who rent to students could show their available apartments and the business community could show their best outreach to the university communities. Restaurants on the waterfront, Liberty, and Broadway could have specials for the students who are coming and for parents. There is an undeveloped segment of business in the college town basics——bookstores, vintage clothing-and boutiques, ethnic restaurants MARKETING to students to ATTRACT them! Once the city looks more student friendly, it will be easier to attract them in….